Intersections of Lentille cour de Rome

Intersections of Lentille cour de Rome

On behalf of and in close cooperation with VMT Transparence in France we have developed and delivered castings for a subway entrance in the center of Paris. The design of the famous architectural firm Arte Charpentier is based on a “drop of water” lying on a glass plate. This design results in a very specific sphere which only is to share over one line.

The entire dome is constructed from glass, stainless steel and cast extruded intersection beams. Elcee came forward very strongly, because of all the different angles in the intersections. They developed a special adjustable mold, so that all of more than 70 different castings are casted with a mold and therefore saved a significant lot of money on the equipments.

The final finishing of the intersections is from a higher level. The parts are first cut and then manually gemicropeened so that a surface structure was reached, which came out perfectly with the wishes of the architect.

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