Wärtsilä Seals & Bearings


Wärtsilä Seals new in our product assortment!
Since July, 2015, Elcee is official distributor of Wärtsilä’s Seals & Bearings in the Benelux. The products of Wärtsilä’s Seals & Bearings are a wonderful expansion of our current product range of screw- and rudder shaft bearings.







Do you want to have more information about Wärtsilä’s Seals & Bearings? Please contact our International Account Manager Seals & Bearings, Mr. Eric Krijgsman, by phone
+31(0)78 – 654 47 77, mobile: +31(0)6 – 20 35 65 44 or email ekrijgsman@elcee.nl.

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