Pump industry

Pump industry

Within the branche Pump industry are our business units Lifting, Stainless steel fasteners, Castings/Forgings and Plain bearings active.

Lifting stainless steel fasteners
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Stainless steel chains.

Stainless steel fasteners
Elcee delivers Stainless steel fasteners according to all current standards and sizes or according to your specific requirements in terms of size or material.

Castings & forgings
You will find our business unit Castings & forgings in the Agriculture branche, you will find her pump that are used within Agriculture industry.
Examples of these pumps are: vertical pumps, electrically driven deep well pumps, centrifugal pumps, turbo pumps, etc.

Plain bearings
The products of our business unit Plain bearings that are used in this branche are, among others, composite materials and plastic plain bearings (igus).

Examples pump industry: materials in extreme difficult conditions that can resist high loads, polymer applications in pumps etc.

On this page you will find a small selection of our possibilities. Would you like to receive more information or do you want to submit a specific issue to us, please click on the corresponding business unit to contact our engineers for the possibilities.

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