Investment casting (Silica sol process)

Investment casting (Silica sol process)

silica sol process silica sol process silica sol process

This technique is also called lost wax casting technique and is one of the oldest casting techniques, which offers unlimited freedom in design and material choices. Products ranging from a few grams to more than one hundred kilogram are possible. Typical applications can be found in the automotive, pump, food industry, architecture and general industrial engineering.

By producing wax models with water-soluble or ceramic cores, it is possible to produce complex, internal structures in castings. Due to the high precision of this technique, it is highly suited to convert conventional produced products into castings, with minimising the additional operations and by reducing the weight of the final product.

Investment casting components can be easily grinded, which makes it possible to produce excellent decorative structural components. The low investment in tooling and start-up costs makes it irrelevant whether a few pieces or hundreds of thousands of pieces are produced.

Due to the possibilities by 3D printing of wax models we can save the investment in tooling and directly start-up the casting process. This advantage is used in case of pilot series or at development stages producing prototypes.

– Precise tolerances;
– Thin walls are possible;
– Fine surface structure;
– Complex shapes can be achieved without draft angles;
– Small marks can be casted very clearly, such as letters or company logos;
– Suitable for a wide variety of materials.

Below you can find the process of investment casting (Silica sol process) schematically shown. Click here to see the technical datasheet of the process.

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