Design process

Design process

design process castings and forgings design process castings and forgings design process castings and forgings

Within Elcee, but especially within the business unit Castings & Forgings, dominates the thought “your wish is our challenge”.

The business unit Castings & Forgings presents itself as co-creator, where it is seen by its business relations as a produces, complete with a well equipped quality department and engineering department. We are capable or redesigning complex compounds and/or machined parts of solid material and make these parts moldable or forgeable. At the top of the page you will find pictures of the weld composition, to 3D prototype, to final casting.

During this process close contact with both “the client” as “the producer” is needed, to come quickly and effectively to an optimal and makeable design. A good, well thought design guarantees the best possible price-quality ratio.

To make the final design not only visual but also tactile, there is a 3D rapid prototype machine available at Elcee. Within a few hours, a product in plastic is ready. This plastic product is often used to check the dimensions in an optionally assembly or to make a better judgement of the visual aspect.

So, do not hesitate and contact us, to experience what we can do for you.

The principle:

Below you can find the design process. Click here for the PDF-file of this process.


On this page, only a selection of our productrange is shown. If you want more information or if you want to submit a specific issue to us, please contact our engineers for the possibilities.

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