Castings and forgings

Castings and forgings

This business unit is specialised in advising, designing and delivering products made according to drawing, in casted, forged or assembled executions. Independent of material quality or production process we can bring out a fitting proposition. The products can also be designed in 3D by means of in house rapid prototyping.

For over 25 years we have maintained good contacts with companies in the Far East and in particular China. For these reasons, we have started a subsidiary (Ropa) in China in 2003. This office has now 20 technically qualified employees and a fully equipped quality inspection. It is obvious that the Chinese subsidiary is LRS ISO 9001-2008 certified. You can find more information about our Chinese company under ‘Subsidiary China‘.

Therefore, you are assured at Elcee of European service and quality at competitive prices! 


On this page, only a selection of our productrange is shown. If you want more information or if you want to submit a specific issue to us, please contact our engineers for the possibilities.

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