Quality Policy

Quality Policy

ELCEE is committed to meeting and exceeding, customer requirements and pursuing customer satisfaction in the products and services it provides. Ensuring the highest standards expected by our customers.

ELCEE aims to achieve this goal through a performance excellence approach of focusing on the customer, implementing an effective quality management system and team participation in continual improvement. This includes:

  • Reliability in all that we do
  • A professional, friendly and helpful attitude
  • Prompt and effective communication
  • Excellent quality of technical services & products supplying
  • Supplier quality assurance
  • Timely delivery
  • Easily accessible and effective support

We will regularly review customer needs and develop objectives and strategies as a part of our business planning and control process to enhance customer satisfaction.

Wherever appropriate, measures will be established and reviewed in order to confirm progress towards the objectives and to identify any need for improvement of the business management system.

We will continue to develop and operate a management system for continuous improvement, striving to make all our activities error free. The system will emphasis defect prevention, the reduction of variation and waste throughout the business.

The achievement of customer satisfaction is the responsibility of every employee. Management is committed to supporting employees in this endeavour through effective communication and training; updating our technical & quality competences.

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